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Membership FAQs

1) Do I need to be a Member of the IIBA to be a Member of the Toronto Chapter?

Yes, you must be a Member of the IIBA to be a Chapter Member. Chapter Membership is a separate stepPlease note that, in compliance with the central charter of the IIBA, chapter membership is an optional and additional step. There are members of the IIBA who do not belong to a chapter, as their needs are fulfilled through the central membership. The chapters represent the "storefront" of the organization. They exist to provide additional customized services such as special events, networking and information exchange through chapter websites like this one.

2) How do I join the IIBA?
Please visit the IIBA's Membership Page to learn how to join. Please note this will take you to the IIBA's own website at

3) What is the cost to join the IIBA?
The Annual membership to the International IIBA is $125.00 USD

4) What does it cost to be a member of the Toronto Chapter?
Membership in the IIBA Toronto Chapter is $50 CAD

5) How do I join the IIBA Toronto Chapter?
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