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Business Analysis Summer 35 Hour 8 Week BABOK v3.0 Course

  • 02 Aug 2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • 01 Sep 2022
  • 10:00 PM
  • Online


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IIBA Toronto

BABOK v3.0


BABOK v3 Study Course

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Week of August 2nd, 2022


September 1st, 2022

IIBA Toronto offers you the opportunity to study the IIBA BABOK v3 Framework for use in your business analysis practice and or prepare for one of the IIBA Certification exams based upon the IIBA BABOK v3.

WHAT we deliver

  • 37.5 Credit Hours earned in the IIBA Toronto Study Course
  • The course is 5 weeks – two 3 hour weekday evening session and a 1 ½ hour Saturday morning practice exam session each week.
  • Attend 10 weekday evening sessions and 5 Saturday morning practice exam sessions.
  • This course covers the principle areas of business analysis as described in the IIBA BABOK v3.


This includes

  • Problem Analysis and Solving
  • Business Analysis Scope and Risk
  • Scope and Elicitation of what is being Planned and Measured
  • Communication and Collaboration of Information
  • Analyzing and Defining of Requirements
  • Management and Governance of Requirements and Information



WHAT you receive

  • An understanding of the IIBA BABOK v3 business analysis framework
  • An ability to start applying business analysis concepts and principles to any practice or solution driven methodology
  • 20 Credit Hours needed for the CCBA designation
  • 35 Credit Hours needed for the CBAP designation
  • 20 Credit Hours needed for the ECBA designation
  • Can be applied to other association learning programs




  • Business analysis can be a specific role, sometimes with the title of ‘business analyst’, ‘product owner’ or a dozen or two direct variations of those two titles. The job titles associated with a business analysis practitioner is as varied as the enterprises who fashion the title and job description running into the hundreds of possible titles.  
  • Business analysis can be a practice spread across multiple hybrid roles and multiple solution delivery practices.
  • The better business analysis framework is the IIBA BABOK v3 framework. The International Institute of Business Analysis’ (IIBA) framework, known as IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BOK) (BABOK), provides guidance across many situations and enterprise needs.




The following is covered in the course:

  • The planning of a business analysis initiative as a standalone engagement or as part of an existing program
  • Relationship Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Requirement Controls and Processes
  • Requirement Management
  • Business Analysis Information Management
  • The Scope of an Engagement
  • Requirements Planning and Execution
  • Communicating Information and Requirements
  • Collaborating About Requirements and Solution Delivery
  • Prioritization of Work and Management of the Backlog
  • Modeling and Specifying Requirements
  • Discovering and Analyzing Alternatives
  • Informing the Decision with Options and or Recommendation
  • Problem / Opportunity Analysis and Solving
  • Articulate Needs and Rational for Change
  • Support and Influence Value in the Delivery
  • Define the Future State and Its Risks
  • Describe the Change Management Process



WHY You?

  • You are seeking an IIBA certification – CBAP CCBA ECBA
  • You want to understand and learn the Business Analysis BOK (BABOK) framework
  • You have begun your career in business analysis
  • You are in a hybrid role
  • You are a project manager who prefers senior business analysis engagements
  • Your role covers both project management and business analysis
  • Your role covers both product owner and business analysis
  • You are tasked with expanding your organization’s business analysis practice
  • You are wanting to update your in-house practice
  • You are tasked with creating a Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • You are tasked with ensuring your hybrid roles are robust enough to deliver the value intended
  • You want to better understand business analysis’ capabilities in project, agile or product
  • As a senior business analysis practitioner, you have multiple opportunities to contribute to improving your in-house practices and methodologies

The study includes Saturday morning practice exams 

All study group sessions occur at 7 pm and run for three hours. Saturday morning active study practice exam occurs from 10:30 am to 12 pm ET

Earn the required 35 PD credit hours

Make your payment selection on the left and proceed to register.

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Learn more about the IIBA BABOK v3 here

Expand Your Capabilities - Grow Your Knowledge

Are you a business analysis practitioner with five or twenty years experience, have already been granted an IIBA Certification based upon an earlier version of the BABOK,  or have not formally studied any of the IIBA knowledge areas?

Expand your capabilities and grow your knowledge by studying the IIBA BABOK v3 or IIBA's other resources (Agile, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity).

IIBA Toronto Online

BABOK v3.0 Study Group



Learn more about the IIBA Certification Program here


Benefits of the IIBA Toronto Study Program

  1. The FLEX STUDY is online.
  2. The FLEX STUDY covers the content in the IIBA BABOK v3.0. 
  3. The FLEX STUDY encourages you to identify your learning style and customize it to your strengths. 
  4. The FLEX STUDY encourages you to build your own study habit toolkit.
  5. The FLEX STUDY encourages you to use community to study. We create a WhatsApp group for each study. Participation is at your discretion.
  6. The FLEX STUDY encourages coaching, mentoring, and common goals as a means of staying motivated.
  7. Each FLEX STUDY connects with other IIBA Toronto Study Groups.
  8. When you have successfully written your exam, we encourage you to grow your know and teams skills by volunteering in the IIBA Toronto Study Group Program. 
  9. Each FLEX STUDY duration is 37.50 Professional Development (PD) credit hours. The study group will provide the 35 PD credit hours required for the CBAP, and the 21 PD credit hours required for the CCBA and ECBA certification applications.
  10. The FLEX STUDY will earn you 37.5 CDU credit hours towards IIBA Recertification.
  11. The IIBA Toronto BABOK v3.0 Study Group is a solid companion for those seeking to write their exam in the coming months.
  12. The IIBA Toronto BABOK v3.0 Study Guide is a solid foundation from which to build a business practice in-house. You can combine this with a study of the IIBA Agile content for Business Analysis practitioners and practices.
  13. The study allow you to review the BABOK, also participate in practice exams, and participate in study meetups.


The following is the content covered in the study group.

  • Session - Introduction and Concepts
  • Session - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  • Session - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  • Session - Solution Evaluation
  • Session - Elicitation and Collaboration
  • Session - Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • Session - Strategy Analysis
  • Session - Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Session - Techniques
  • Session - Techniques  
  • Session - Review
  • Saturday sessions - Review and study the week's BABOK content using the practice exam learning format.
  • Bonus Week - IIBA Certification,  Study Tips for an IIBA Certification Exam


Tuesday & Thursday 7 PM ET STUDY GROUP
    • 3 hours each - 7 pm to 10 pm


    • 1.5 hours each - 10:30 am to 12 pm

    Our IIBA BABOK v3.0 Study Group Program

    • If you have any questions concerning this study group, please email



    IIBA BABOK v3.0

      Payment Policy

      The IIBA Toronto BABOK v3.0 Study Group (Program) fees must be paid upon registration in the Program prior to attending. Pricing, registration terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

      IIBA Toronto Chapter reserves the right to make changes to the Program described or to cancel the Program at any time without notice or liability. The Chapter's sole liability will be limited to the refund of registration fees paid in respect of the workshop and the Chapter shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever. The Chapter will endeavor to give enrollees as much advance notice as possible of any change to the Program or registrant’s enrollment.

      Registration Fee

      The registration fee covers participation only.

      Refund Policy

      Cancellations will be allowed prior to 5 day of the Program start date and a full refund will be issued. Cancellations will not be permitted within 5 days of the Program start date; however, substitutions will be permitted. It is up to the registrant to find and arrange a substitute. The Chapter will process the substitution by changing the registrant name but is not responsible for any financial transactions between the registrants.

      No refunds will be issued within 5 days of the Program start date. If a registrant does not attend the start date event of the Program and has not given adequate notification, it will result in full forfeiture of the registration fee.

      If you are unable to attend the Study Group, or have comments or questions, please contact

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