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IIBA Speaker Series - Business Analysis Is Changing Strategically - Wed August 12 7:30 PM

  • 12 Aug 2020
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Online


  • All are welcomed. This is an open event and is free.

Registration is closed

IIBA Toronto

The Business Analysis Practice
Is Changing Strategically


Steve Blais

Author, Consultant

Come join us for an evening of social distancing (level 3)

as you learn and review parts of the IIBA BABOK v3.0

This 1 1/2 hour session delivers

1.5 CDU credit hours for IIBA Recertification

Wednesday, August 12th,  7:30 pm

Attendance is FREE

- Online - 

Details (Its a good read)

Many agile software development methodologies are structured for the software development team to talk directly to users and customers, suggesting there is no need for dedicated business analysis practitioner involved in an intermediary role.

Data-driven organizations form teams with data analysts who focus mainly on technical roles, data scientists and big data technical subject matter experts, often bypassing the business analysis practitioner.

Digital transformations are about large changes to the ways and means and the processes with which an organization conducts its business, bypassing the incremental process improvements that have long been the heart and soul of many in-house business analysis practices.

Projects too have evolved, changing the role of both the project manager and the business analysis practitioner, and in some cases dropping the use of the dedicated business analysis role.

Where is the business analysis practice in all this activity? How does the business analysis practice and practitioner evolve in this fast changing landscape?

The need for analysis, requirements, communication, documentation, the flow of information, identifying the business need, defining the business requirements, and articulating and advocating the business requirements has always been present, and always is present. This is the business analysis practice showing up in as many iterations as an organization needs.

The business analysis practice exists on the operational, tactical and strategic levels of an organization. This will never change. But this is often forgotten by teams, business practices, and competing interests within an organization. Additionally, operations have become more automated and less introspective, and tactical projects focus more on data than process.

Analysis and strategy are more in demand today by organizations as they define their problems and questions, as they interpret the results of data analytics, so they can move forward with good decision-making practices and successful organizational change. This too is the need for the business analysis practitioner.

Like all business practices within an organization, the business analysis practice continues to change. It will evolve, morph, merge, have sponsors with new needs, satisfy needs unlike anything seen before, promote purposeful change that aligns to the business requirements, articulate and advocate for the identified value, and educate by sharing the business narrative.

This IIBA Toronto Summer Learning Online Speaker Series will focus on the tactical business analysis practitioner can evolve their role to a data-driven strategic business analysis practitioner.


    Steven Blais


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