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IIBA Toronto Coaching Program Information Webinar 16-Nov 12:05 pm

  • 16 Nov 2016
  • 12:05 PM - 12:30 PM
  • Online - Register for webinar information


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IIBA Toronto
Coaching Program
Information Webinar

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Wednesday, November 16, 12:05 pm - 25 minutes

For those who join the coaching program, the live event will be Tuesday, November 22nd. Details to follow.

IIBA Toronto’s Purpose

IIBA Toronto’s purpose is developing expert skills and advise in its members to meet the needs of the organization.

Change Is Well Underway

There are many changes occurring in today’s business environment, and organizations everywhere are responding. The enterprise needs the business analysis practice to stay relevant and add value to the organization.

From being an Agile team member, to being a better communicator, to starting with the business outcome of an initiative, to aligning your work to the strategy, to being responsible for the customer experience and the brand experience, the opportunities for business analysis and the business analysis practitioner are growing!

The business analyst is needed more than ever, but the need is occurring not just in existing roles, but also in new business analysis roles, and in roles with new titles. New roles have new functions that the business analyst never needed to participate in previously.

IIBA Toronto Skills Coaching Program

IIBA Toronto is introducing its Skills Coaching Program to help you successfully take responsibility for your continual relevance and value in the business analysis practice by developing and evolving your skills. This is both for those wanting to be coached and for those wanting to develop coaching skills.

We at IIBA Toronto believe in building value for everyone. We want the Skills Coaching Program to be from and for your community. That means we are looking to match those wanting to grow new skills and expand existing skills, with those who have the business analysis skills or are capable of journeying with those being coached, and who want to coach others.

Develop Coaching Skills and Give Back

Share your knowledge, develop individual skills, and help people navigate their role and career as you develop Coaching skills through the program. You will also motivate, build capacity for self-direction, improves practice, and create a commitment to action.

Being Coached To Developing Expert Skills

The program pairs established Analysis professionals from IIBA Toronto’s Business Analysis community with people who want to develop as an Analyst. Your coach will use a structured approach and series of activities to understand your needs, develop your abilities, and drive your professional growth.

Date and Time to be announced.

Program to start November.

Program Director

Cole Cioran

VP Mentorship
IIBA Toronto

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