Toronto Chapter conducts its first Kaizen Event

19 Dec 2014 5:36 PM | Deleted user

The Volunteer Committee held its first Kaizen Event on Friday 19th December, to make immediate improvements in the chapter’s volunteer program. Working in an agile fashion, two small groups worked on several improvements identified at previous chapter events. In just over three hours, the groups used their BA skills to draft the following:

·         Volunteer Induction Process

·         Featured Volunteer Process

·         Featured Volunteer web page and PowerPoint templates

·         Volunteer Role Description template

·         Volunteer task and time tracker

·         Mentor Program registration and matching process

·         Volunteer recognition ideas

·         Volunteer LinkedIn group

Each of outputs will be released into use by the chapter over the coming months. Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers who turned out some great work.

Learn more about Volunteering here.

Drew Johnson

VP Volunteer Management

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